All Walks Of Life

We take our first steps between the ages of 9 -12 months, the soft pads of our tiny feet supporting what little weight we have until we fall down onto fleshy palms, curious, eyes wide. Bigger, tougher hands hold ours between fingers that over the years have held so many things. Signed a thousand signatures…

The Blissful Art Of Solo Travel

I start waking up, the morning slowly pulling me to consciousness through the different levels of sleep until my eyes flutter open and my heart, with no alarm to raise it, continues to beat softly. Climbing down from my top bunk I grab my book and water bottle, head down to the kitchen to make…

What Can Happen In A Year

It’s crazy how much can happen in a year isn’t it? I started 2017 with completelllly different expectations, ideas and goals and it’s incredible how little control we really have over our lives and the paths they take. This time last year I was backpacking around South East Asia, yearning to be settled and feel a stronger sense of worth and belonging….

Humanity Over Hospitality

Hey friends! I’m sorry I’ve been a little quieter recently, I’ve been working my butt off doing all these fancy shmancy events and they’re always in the evenings so I don’t often have time to sit down and write something. But I have a morning to myself today… hurrah! And usually I’d be sweating it…

Don’t Doubt Yourself 

Hey friends! I’m in one of my favourite places (the library) chilling out, writing ‘n’ reading and relaxing. I’m surrounded by studiers, about 50 young adults on their laptops with papers, highlighters and books doing important things for important people. I reckon I am the only person in this entire room who doesn’t attend university….