You’re Only Caught Up In The Traps You Set Yourself

How many people can genuinely say that they are doing exactly what it is that makes them the happiest they could be. That they don’t wake up every morning wishing they could be somewhere else doing something more fulfilling, something that gives them more of a sense of worth and belonging. Why do people find themselves in a situation and just accept that that is the way it’s going to be from now on, that that is the way it HAS to be. Why do people settle for less.

Day to day life is riddled with cliche’s, ‘Grass is always greener’ so does that mean you should never go and check it out just incase the grass turns out to be a forest? Let’s all stick with what we’ve got and never strive to be better or more loving, or more caring, or more inquisitive or more creative- I’m perfectly fine the way I am. Fine. The worst word. If you’re not working to expand your mind then you’re stagnant, you are stationary in a life that has been given to you as a gift and you’re watching each day go by, each wasted when you could have been doing something that made you feel incredible.

Of course there will be periods of time where you have no choice but to remain where you are, times of endurance where you are forced to push through, to feel uncomfortable and irregular. But these portions of time should be as small as possible. Put in the necessary hours it requires and then do what you need to do to get yourself back to a place where you are proud of what you’re doing. Even if that means just waking up happy with someone you love, no plans for the except truly revelling in your good fortune then so be it- just make sure whatever it is brings you genuine, untainted happiness.

People waste years of their life working hard for something that they have predicted their future selves will be satisfied with. A reason I didn’t go to college or uni, because I knew that whatever my sixteen year old self wanted wasn’t going to be anywhere near what my twenty year old self would want- let alone my forty year old self. And thankfully I was right, had I have gone into further education I would have chosen to study Media, which now at almost twenty one I have absolutely no interest in working in. Lucky really, that I didn’t waste my precious time and thousands of pounds worth of money on something just because I was pressured to do so by society. I now get paid to travel the world, see things and visit places that some people will never get the chance to experience- all with zero ‘academic’ qualifications; all because I refuse to be influenced by the opinions and ‘helpful’ suggestions of people around me.

I do respect and admire people who can endure long periods of unhappiness and discontent, I myself can only go so long before I am physically and mentally drained and my body and mind start to break. And as much as this is annoying at times when I wish I could just withstand certain things, I am also very grateful for the warning signs. Nothing is worse than the thought that all of the time I wasted feeling trapped in the wrong place and with the wrong people, could have been spent elsewhere. Either on my own or with someone else, doing something I was actually made to do. It’s like wearing shoes that are two sizes to small and wanting to run marathons, never walking more than a mile or two in pain. Then one day finding the perfect fit, standing up, stretching out and finally understanding what it’s like to be truly free.

C.J.R xox

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