Cape Town Foodie’s Rejoice: Woodstock’s Old Biscuit Mill Market 

Absolutely nothing turns me on quite like hearing the words ‘local food market’ whispered in my ear from someone who like me, rates the quality of a place by what they can shove in their mouth. It was once said (by me) that true friendship comes from the mutual agreement that eating and discussing delicious food is an important daily ritual that must be upheld and respected.

I have met some of my closest friends through a passionate chat about international dishes, together we have moaned blissfully as we devour plate after plate of flavourful goodness only pausing mid-mouthful to tell the other one how much of a good time we’re having. But it’s not just the food itself that bonds us, it’s the whole event; inviting someone over, the music, the drinks, the lighting- it all blends together to create one big love-filled evening of excellent conversation and overall satisfaction. I enjoy a dinner, can you tell?

So when I woke up that morning in a mildly irritable mood with my plans for the day ruined by the persistent rain that’s currently descending upon Cape Town, I could not have been more grateful when the Canadian girl in the bed opposite mine suggested going to a local market held every Saturday at the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. I had heard about this market from my friends in Durban and had already planned to check it out myself so with empty stomachs we ubered our way over to scout it out.

Woodstock is an evolving suburb of Cape Town about 1km east of the city centre. Located between the docks of Table Bay and the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak this edgy, up and coming neighbourhood is hipster heaven with an abundance of veggie/vegan eateries, crafts and jewellery all handmade by local designers, quirky stalls selling vintage fashion and up-cycled furniture and antiques.

But before we divulged our mutual love of simplistic accessories neither of us could afford, we had more pressing matters that needed to be tended to- like our rumbling tummies. Just short of actual sprinting we made our way over to the food market where if we weren’t friends before we certainly were now. It takes a distinctive kind of knowledge to understand that the correct way to tackle an international food market is to simply sample and share a small amount of everything. Again, this is where food bonds us as we leave all qualms of hygiene at the door and fully delve in with unwashed fingers, your half and my half as we stare into each others eyes with joint appreciation.

So if you’re like me who prefers to just dabble with the ‘cool’ before reverting to my normal state of vanilla, then Woodstock Old Biscuit Mill is for you. But if you miss this one no dramas as there are an abundance of markets happening every day of the week all over Cape Town for you to grab your goodies at.

Bless da rains 

C.J.R xox 


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