A Touch Of Honesty

Hi Friends

Firstly, let me start off by saying that I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years spent doing whatever it is that makes you happy, being with your family or friends, listening to dreadful Christmas music or eating copious amounts of high-calorie goods.

Secondly, my sincerest apologies for being extremely lazy with my blogging. There is actually a reason for this and the reason is that I became extremely bored of the mundane façade of cheery blogger-style writing that I felt I needed to deliver in order to engage an audience. When I first decided to write my blog (about a year before I actually gathered the courage to start one) I had some inspiration from a few fellow bloggers that I followed. I enjoyed the light hearted themes and fanciful photos that accompanied charming day to day tales of their lives, made interesting with witty language and relevant goings-on. So this of course was what I assumed I needed to be doing in order to gain interest and impress- alas began the up-beat renditions of my slightly entertaining but unpromising London lifestyle that lacked connection and substance.

This, however, was not to be. Because as per usual my interest and motivation deflated along with my ability to think of anything to write. Why oh why must writers block exist? This has one reason and one reason only- it wasn’t me. As it’s the New Year and a touch of honesty is needed, my previous posts although written with underlying emotion were heavily sugar coated in order to fit the description of comical writing that had been my influence at the beginning. But the truth is, I know absolutely nothing about beauty routines, fashion, politics or anything else that one might blog about whilst living in London. I’m a terrible photographer and would much rather just eat my food than take a picture of it. I am awful at making things look aesthetically pleasing and trying to write about what I DON’T know has lead to this current literary drought I am now experiencing.

So it has come to this- 2018 is a year for actually embracing my style and the natural flow of my creativity because I’m sorry to say this but I’m actually extremely sporadic in my emotions and temperaments, heavily tossing between nomadic hippie, environmental activist, collected working professional, dreamy beach girl and a young woman who’d quite like to just write stories for a living and spend the evenings laughing and playing games with her loved ones.

So from here on out there will be no ‘theme’ to my posts like there has been, travel will always be a part of my discussions because that’s where my head is at most of the time however there will be some posts which are hilarious and full of silliness and banter and some that are really quite depressing and thought provoking. But that’s me and I’m pretty fucking tired of trying to work out which ‘character’ I should be playing in order to be successful. I’m going to be all of them, all the time and see how it goes, what do you think?

Oh and Grandad, sorry for using the F word

C.J.R xox

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’re forgiven x


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