What Can Happen In A Year

It’s crazy how much can happen in a year isn’t it? I started 2017 with completelllly different expectations, ideas and goals and it’s incredible how little control we really have over our lives and the paths they take. This time last year I was backpacking around South East Asia, yearning to be settled and feel a stronger sense of worth and belonging. Enjoying my time, yes, but knowing that it wasn’t what I truly wanted to be doing. I then started this year in Italy with my ex-boyfriend and his family, my new life in Australia just 10 days away. I had my working holiday visa and had plans to get my second year after farm work, make a ton of new friends, get a good job on a boat and have a chilled out beach life with my boyfriend in our new home. I had no idea that in just a few months my whole world would be turned upside down, I’d be thrown in the deep end and I’d make a major decision that would completely change the course of my life. I’d leave Australia alone, a mess and in need of help and healing, I’d move to Brighton and start temping on passenger ferries, I’d then head to South America for the trip of a life time before eventually coming home and making the snap decision to move to London to pursue my life-long ambition of writing. None of which was ever even considered in any plans I had made or thought I would ever make.

I had no idea that I was being shown exactly where I needed to be and what I needed to be doing, I just had no choice but to finally given in, let go and let life take its course. What doesn’t change however, is my love and the love I receive from my friends and family and this year Christmas is going to be absolutely amazzzzzing. What started off as just being me, my mum and my Grandma has now turned into my brother coming home from the Bahamas and bringing his girlfriend, my Dad no longer working and us all renting a little cottage in Oxford for the whole Christmas week for tons of fun and laughter. I am beyond ecstatic and am not ashamed to say that I was up till one last night listening to Bing Crosby and smiling like a little excited child at all the banter we’re going to have. It’s super rare that you find all four of us in one place at one time so it’s a really special and momentous event when we can all be together, especially for Christmas. Every year I do this massive quiz with impossibly hard questions that I know no one will be able to answer correctly and we spend all evening creasing up at all the stupid answers everyone comes out with, by the time Christmas is over I’ve burnt off all those festive treats from laughing until my abs are bruised.

There is nothing  more magical than the Christmas period and I am so pleased to be spending it in London where the list possibilities of things to see/do is endless. Carols by candlelight, out door ice skating, Christmas markets, exhibitions, music festivals etc. all accompanied by twinkling lights, cosy music and incredible food. What more could you ask for?

If you have any weird Christmas family traditions I’d love to hear about them ! And Feel free to follow my Insta @charlotravel for more personal pics of my wonderings and adventures. And also check out Immy May and her newest post containing what looks like the worlds yummiest pesto loaf to snack on with ya winter soups.

Stay dry tonight! And drink some mulled wine…. it’s only £4.99 in Lidl and tastes of allll the festive spices !!

C.J.R xox

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