Humanity Over Hospitality

Hey friends!

I’m sorry I’ve been a little quieter recently, I’ve been working my butt off doing all these fancy shmancy events and they’re always in the evenings so I don’t often have time to sit down and write something. But I have a morning to myself today… hurrah! And usually I’d be sweating it out in the gym right now but I didn’t get to bed till after 1 last night after work so I thought I’d give myself some down time to catch up on things, download some new tunes (Lewis Capaldi is dishing out the goods today) pay bills blah blah all the fun stuff. I like how I always have a gym-sized breakfast even on the days I’m not going, can’t wait to NOT burn off all those extra calories by being a sloth and watching Netflix. Talking of Netflix, what’s good on there at the moment? We’ve only just had wifi put in and I’ve missed out on so much… any recommendations would be amazing!

So as we all know the weekend just gone was Remembrance Day and I hope we all took the time out of our busy schedules to give some thought to our fallen soldiers. I shared a poem that I wrote a few months ago in my previous post if anyone would like to have a look —> here. I wrote it after watching a really beautiful and touching short film at a @waterstones independent film festival in Brighton and was inspired more so after reading Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks. (I’m a keen poet but I don’t often share them because I’m shy hehe)

Anyway so as the boat work has pretty much dried up for the winter I am currently working for an events agency to fill in the gaps and pay for my painfully expensive London lifestyle. These events have both positives and negative aspects to them, as you will find with all jobs. The positives are that you get to see a lot more of London, enter into buildings that you’d never usually have access too, work with a lot of different people and make new friends, see the odd famous person and eat a ton of free and delicious food. However the negatives are a pretty strong contender, late nights, boring unstimulating work and worst of all, the way you are treated by the majority of people. Anyone who knows me well will know my biggest struggle in life is keeping my mouth shut when people are rude. I just can’t sit back and let someone speak to me like something they’ve just stepped in. I wish I could just be a good little minion and obey like all the rest, but that freedom fighter inside of my just itches to be unleashed and I find myself biting my tongue often when I work. Why, oh why when people are given a tiny dash of power over others they assume the role of major douche bag? It’s like as soon as the word ‘Team Leader’ is uttered they pick up their ‘how to be rude to people’ manual and highlight good ways to make us feel crap about ourselves. These people are paid maybe £1 more if anything and yet they decide they are now kings and queens amongst peasants. I have worked in the service industry for 5 years now in every position possible from pot wash to stewardess on a Super Yacht and am nooooo way keen enough to allow being spoken to like I am worthless. I have had the works- I have been kissed, slapped, bitten, pushed, LICKED by male managers, I have had female managers insult my hair, skin, weight, appearance. I have had lies spread around town about me to other potential employers by female managers who couldn’t stand the fact I was popular with male clientele and wanted to ruin my chances of being employed anywhere else. I have had chefs insult my intelligence saying ‘how could you possibly know how to write? You’re just a waitress?’ I have been sworn at, SPAT at, treated like absolute dirt. So forgive me if I seem not in the mood to then be spoken to or treated horrendously by people my own age who have been given slight responsibility, or have just decided they’re in charge for the day.

Another horrendous aspect of the hospitality industry is the amount of food that is wasted. Every event I work, thousands of pounds of hot, decent food gets thrown away and we are warned that if we take any of it off site, we run the risk of being fired on the spot. Now it doesn’t take a genius to notice the alarming amount of homeless people there are in London and as we are well into winter it’s especially crucial that those without a roof over their head are taken care of. There is a homeless man who sleeps in the alcove across from my house and if/when I can I take him breakfast in the mornings on my way to the gym. It absolutely pains me to see these huge trays of food going straight in the  bin when it could be feeding hundreds of hungry mouths around London. I understand the risks and complications, but is the world really so consumed with money and risk that it is more of a priority to protect our businesses than to protect our fellow humans?  Our brothers and sisters are STARVING while we are throwing away nutrients that could be the difference between life and death for people sleeping rough on the streets.

I pray for compassion, I pray for the bosses of these industrial businesses to open their eyes to the real and alarming issues around them, I pray that one day it becomes a law and a requirement that there should be a 0 waste policy on edible food. I feel these prayers may go unanswered for quite some time, but it is important that we maintain our morals to the best of our abilities.

Keep being the kind and loving people you are, be generous and love unconditionally.

C.J.R xox


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  1. Immy says:

    Aaaah Charly this brings back SO many memories of my time working in hospitality. I walked out of shift fairly often, I can’t stand rudeness so I just refused it and left. Also the waste is shocking, it actually hurt my soul to see all the amazing food being chucked away. The whole thing is absurd and unbelievable that it is still allowed to happen in 2017. BTW ya gotta make sure you watch Stranger Things on Netflix you will LOVE it. I have also heard great things about Sinner! Immy x


    1. charlotravel says:

      It’s the worst isn’t it… I’ve only ever worked for one establishment that was mindful and that’s because it was her own business and she took care of it ! It hurts my soul too… I do what I can but it’s actually disgusting. And I feel bad that I work amongst it and have no power to say anything or protest! As for Netflix, funny you say that! I watched the first episode of stranger things yesterday ! Already excited for the next episode. Ooh okay thank you I’ll check Sinner out. Hope you’re keeping warm in this chilly weather !! 😘 Xx


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