Cello, It’s Me 

Hi friends!

It’s getting chillllllier by the day but luckily my flatmate is home for unlimited snuggles. I’m not even sure why we got a two bedroom flat, I’m 100% going to be spending every night in her bed with her soon, she never hears the end of me moaning that I’m cold so I doubt she’ll be surprised… luckily I have an industrial duvet made from the hugs of a thousand koala bears (or so it feels that way) so I should remain cosy for a few weeks before I steal all the food and go into hibernation after Christmas. I mentioned in my last post about a cosy little spot just around the corner from Trafalgar Square, its Saint Martin’s place right next to a Costa, literally a minutes’ walk from the world’s best gelato parlour I talked about. Anyway, what I didn’t mention was why I often wander to that particular corner with my tub of creamy deliciousness and the reason isssssss that usually there’s a girl playing beautiful cello there. I’ve watched her play four times now (not always with gelato, I’m not that naw’ty) and each time she blows me away with her skill and talent. I love listening to any instrument being played, but I especially love piano, violin and cello. She’s cool and quirky as well which adds to the whole image and she often shuts her eyes and immerses herself in the performance which just make the whole thing seem way more intimate.

The tragic thing is when I’m watching her play, I look around and everyone around me is on their phone. The couple sat next to me even had their backs to her, preferring the view of Costa instead of her. It was such a shame to see and I wanted to yell and cry that if they just put their phones away for five minutes, close their eyes, take some deep breaths and listen they would experience something wonderful. But of course I couldn’t so I decided to have it all to myself, greedily bathing in her talent and the radiance that emanated of off her.

I personally love buskers… I often wonder what my life soundtrack would be and when I’m walking to the tube or chilling in on a park bench and there’s a busker it really does set the scene. The other day I was on the tube and there was a gang of maybe five guys, one of them playing the accordion, another playing the saxophone, and the other three playing other strange little instruments. They just started jamming like Mexican party style and it was bloody brilliant! I was grinning and tapping my foot, having a wee groove in my seat and I turned to look at everyone around me. They were literally all just sat there either on their phones or staring at nothing, no smiles and no enjoyment whatsoever. I mean I know I’m new to living in London and a lot of these people must have heard this stuff hundreds of times but come on is it really that forbidden to enjoy something? Is it really that dreadful to lose composure even for a split second and have a little fun? These guys were reallllly going for it and looked as though they were having a good laugh too, it always makes me smile when I see others enjoying themselves, it’s much better than violence and upset! 

Take time to notice the laughter, smiles and happiness around you, it’ll make you feel good to enjoy life along with them, honest! Anyone got any good busker stories? Let me know in the comment section! And check out my insta @charlotravel for more personal pics of my adventures.

Eat tasty food and cuddle something

C.J.R xox

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