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Hello friends!

A bit chilly today isn’t it? Brrrrrr! When I left the house this morning for the gym the sun had just risen, there was a low mist and I could see my breath before me! Winter is definitely coming. I will never tire of beautiful autumnal days and I find it impossible to sit about indoors when there are all kinds of golden vibes outside. There is nothing better than wrapping up in a cosy hat and scarf, sipping on a cup of something spiced, and sitting amongst the leaves and admiring the light, am I right?

So my flatmate Meggie has been away in Milan this past week and she gets homes tonight and oh my I have missed her. There has been no one around to laugh at my vegetarian jokes and puns, no one to snack on homemade hummus with (just whipped up a fresh batch, added a bit of chilli this time with hopes of spicin’ up ma life) and no one to chat to about boys ‘n’ stuff. Seriously looking forward to the return of my partner in crime, the house feels empty without you Smeggles!

But anyway, I’ve had all this free time to myself lately and so yesterday, not wanting to waste a perfectly nice autumn day, I thought I’d wrap up and head out to purchase a new coat. So I am an absolutely pathetic excuse for a woman, my collection of bags, shoes and coats is just embarrassing. I’ve been carting around the same tatty FatFace shoulder bag now for about 10 years, I’ve only just purchased my first pair of ankle boots and well as far as coats go, my £15 rain from Decathlon has been doing the trick. 

However, due to my new London status I thought I’d go on the search for a proper material dress coat. Something that will look super sophisticated and keep me cosy too. So I hit up Camden first in hopes of finding something more unusual and there was absolutely nothinggggg unless I wanted to wear something made from dead animal. So I sat on one of the deck chairs just by the stables and ate my left over sushi (always a good day when there’s sushi) before heading to Covent Garden for a browse and a peek in Neals Yard. I spent alllll day pacing around the likes of Oxford Street, Regent Street, Carnaby Street etc. and found sweet sod all. So I gave up and in search of comfort, made my way to my new fav Ice Cream spot, La Gelatiera in Leicester Square. 

So for those who know me know I am pretttty disciplined when it comes to sweet stuff, I’m all about that raw, unrefined, nutritional stuff (watches everyone roll their eyes, sorry!) after losing 2 ½ stone last year, changin’ ma lifestyle and working hard at the gym etc. I very rarely indulge, however when I do, I do it with Gelato. I say Gelato not because I’m a wannabe Italian (although I totally am) I say it because I’m not talking about that awful white whippy stuff you see being sold for silly money at the seaside, nor am I talking about your Magnums, Cornetto’s, McFlurry’s etc. I want the decent stuff. The stuff that comes in crates and is whipped up to perfection in high mounds of gloriousness, sprinkled with delicious toppings. Flavours you didn’t even know could be made into ice cream, and although it’s a bitter pill to swallow paying quadruple the price than you would do in Italia, all is forgotten with that first lick.

I first went to La Gelatiera with my Dad a week or so ago after searching everywhere for a decent ice cream place and finally finding one on Google that was close by. I was not disappointed. A weird and wonderful little place tucked just out of the way that offers a crazy good choice of magical flavours, giant serving sizes and for a pretty decent price. I had three scoops (because if I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna do it well) of roasted peanut with caramel and chocolate, 70% Ecuadorian chilli chocolate, and the best flavour I’ve ever tried (apart from tiramisu hmmm) honey, orange zest and thyme. INCREDIBLE. We went and sat just round the corner from Trafalgar Square and ate away happily like kids, before heading back to the park for a stroll, I absolutely loveeee spending time with my favourite people.

I highly recommended a trip to La Gelatiera for increddddd gelato and there is currently an exhibition at the Natural History Museum ‘Whales: Beneath the surface’ which looks amazing (whales are my favourite animals) so if any of my lovely readers hits it up before I do please let me know what it’s like, I’ll be going there on my next free day!

Enjoy your evenings lovelies !

C.J.R xox


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