Don’t Doubt Yourself 

Hey friends!

I’m in one of my favourite places (the library) chilling out, writing ‘n’ reading and relaxing. I’m surrounded by studiers, about 50 young adults on their laptops with papers, highlighters and books doing important things for important people. I reckon I am the only person in this entire room who doesn’t attend university. I am a reasonably intelligent young woman who has a lot of aspiration and a deep want to help and love others, so why do I feel like bursting into tears when I look at those around me?

I am in a sea of buzzing brains who are scrabbling away at their keyboards in silence, pushing and working hard. No one is smiling, no one is talking everyone is concentrating, obviously. It isn’t often I feel so isolated but recently it’s becoming very apparent that there are so many parts of the world you don’t fit in unless you follow the norm. I am one of maybe three people who I know who don’t attend university. I am constantly judged for this choice I have made, by those closest to me, by strangers and of course by the media who constantly belittles those who don’t study. It doesn’t matter that I am a kind, funny person who loves unconditionally and would do everything I could to help. It doesn’t matter that I have seen the world, lived amongst other cultures, and learnt invaluable skills and lessons from other nations and traditions, because at the end of the day happiness doesn’t make you successful. Whenever I meet someone new the first question I get asked is ‘what are you studying?’ and often after I explain that I don’t, I work as a stewardess and I like to travel the conversation stops dead because it is becomes obvious to them that we have absolutely nothing in common and I couldn’t possibly have anything interesting to say. However if I open the conversation with the fact that I am an aspiring writer they are automatically more engaged as the conversation can now flow easier with the topic of academia.

It is so incredibly tragic that I have to constantly remind myself that there is nothing wrong with the way I have chosen to live my life, despite how people make me feel. That I am special and I am not missing out or wasting my life just because I didn’t want to continue with further education (in a formal setting I mean, I am constantly improving my knowledge on my own terms) I must remind myself WHY I didn’t choose these things and remind myself of the benefits of the choices I did make. More time with my family and friends, saying yes to almost anything, not being restricted with my schedule, taking time to appreciate nature and the environment around me, the simple things. Reading, writing, cooking, languages, travel, sport etc. I can participate in any sector of life and immerse myself fully in new situations and for this I am very grateful. Let’s always remember to love and respect everyone who is kind and loving, regardless of their status or occupation. There is room for everyone on this planet and it wouldn’t thrive without diversity. 

Hugs and kisses

C.J.R xox

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  1. xxiiik says:

    Go you! Great read lady!


    1. charlotravel says:

      Ah thank you very much!! 😘


  2. Jessica Rose says:

    I think we might possibly be soul sisters


    1. charlotravel says:

      Ahh yay haha so lovely to meet you 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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