Golden Linings

Hey friends!

So I’m settling in nicely in ma new abode in Brixton. The wall hangings are up, all the classics are un-neatly stacked and my personal tea shop is open for business as usual in the kitchen. I feel completely amongst it all, which was exactly what I wanted when I decided to move here. Pacing down the street muddled in with the masses makes me feel significant and insignificant all at once and I’m really feelin’ it.

However, I am careful and cautious not to get stuck in the rat race. Growing up on the coast my whole life I am, after all, a beach gal through-n-through. Spending my childhood throwing stones at targets at the beach with my Dad, picnics with my mum on the stones, throwing a rugby ball about with my brother on the commons that line our shores. I was raised on outdoor activities, making bows and arrows from sticks and having campfires was the weekend go-to, my parents never running out of fun, cost effective ways of keeping us entertained. I always swore I was never a city girl and although that has changed slightly after growing up and realising what opportunities these concrete jungles hold, I know that my soul will always belong with nature. With the exception of a few parks and commons, ‘pretty and peaceful’ just isn’t the motto of our capital city. However I came across a slice of tranquility yesterday when I arrived for my fill-in shift at The Hurlingham Club, a members only haven of tennis courts, golf courses, gym and restaurant/cafe eateries.

I belong to an events agency up here in London to earn some extra pocket money when I’m not stewardessing or travelling and have the option to work lots of weird and wonderful events from private parties, corporate functions, daily service, stadium bar work etc. Yesterday I was up at 6.30am and out the house by 7.15am in my smarts, joining the rest of the commuters on their way to work. I arrived a little early and as I walked down from Putney Bridge station to the front gates of the Hurlingham club I stopped to appreciate what a glorious morning it was.

Autumn is my favourite month what with rugby season, crisp blue skies and that underfoot crunch mixed with pumpkin spiced everything, a dreammmm come true for cosy people like me. Yesterday morning the sky was pastel blue and the light was golden and glossy as it fell upon everything around me, enhancing all the ambers, browns and greens that speckled the floor beneath my feet.

It was stunning and as I continued to walk through the gates I was welcomed by a gorgeous stream with a sweet little white bridge overlooking some early birds having breakfast. It was the BEST start to the day and although I was doing boring waitress work all day I told myself to remember that I was seeing a part of London I’d never have come across let alone been able to enter into had I not been working there.

There are golden linings (like silver, but autumnal!) everywhere around you if you take the time to breath, open your eyes and look. Although tough at times try to take the positives out of every situation and don’t get bogged down the mundane tasks of life.

Eat something tasty for dinner !


C.J.R xox

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