Brighton to Brixton

Hey friends!

How is everyone on this fine day ?! I am NOT so great…. stuffed up in bed with a persistent cold. But it’s all good, the lemsip is at the ready and I have 0 reason to leave the house today! Yesterday however, was super productive. So I have some news !!! I am relocating. Again. I know when I moved to Brighton I said ‘that’s it for me for a while!’ Butttttt things have changed slightly like they always do and this time for the massively better. My friend Meggie (from my previous trip! See past blog posts!) has moved back to London as she is changing her uni course and she was looking for somewhere to live and lately I have been thinking about how I really should start trying to pursue writing…. follow ya dreams and all that! After wanting to be a journalist for so long, excelling in writing at school and being in the spot light for 5 minutes after winning a few comps it all got brushed aside when I started travelling. I kept on writing poetry etc. But pretty much just kept it to myself. However since starting my blog I have rekindled my relationship with words and I am keen to really get the ball rolling. So without further ado, Meggie and I will be moving to Brixton!

I came up to London yesterday to scout out a few areas that we like and we ended up viewing a few properties without any expectation of finding the right one. I usually spend most of my time in Tooting however after asking around ‘Brixton’ kept making itself known as the place to be. So we incorporated a cheeky trip over there and what do ya know we end up finding the dreamiest place just off the high street. Although the size of Harry Potters cupboard, it’s full of character and potential and we’re already planning on how we’re gonna use the space.

Such exciting times ! I’m all packed up and ready to make the move. This will be my first time living in London, not my favourite place in the world but I know I’m going to grow to love it and all the opportunities it offers.

Charlotte fun fact: this will be my 14th official move in my lifetime, excluding all the random places I’ve lived on and off over the years !

Do you have any cool tips/advice for me about moving to London and in particular Brixton? If so pleaseeeee leave me a comment, I’d be really interested to know!

Also follow my Instagram @charlotravel for more personal pics of my adventures.

Enjoy this autumnal evening!

C.J.R xox

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