20 Is Plenty

Hey friends!

Please excuse my absence over the last few days BUT I’ve been completely snowed under with celebrating my 20th Birthday! I have had the most wonderful time. So on the 4th, my birthday eve, I had the pleasure of attending The Royal Ballet’s performance of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland in The Royal Opera House. It was a present from my Grandad and I had the most amazing time dressing up all fancy (whole outfit except shoes and underwear was charity shop bought yassss!) and parading around Covent Garden like a sophisticated person, having dinner at The Balthazar and feeling like an absolute queen as I took my seat with a cracking view to watch the show. It was my first ballet and I had been desperate to go ever since I had watched a documentary on Margot Fonteyn, fascinated by the delicacy of the dancing, the detail of the outfits, the emotion they portrayed etc. and it just so happened that The Royal Ballet were performing one of my all time favourites- Alice In Wonderland. So after a delicious dinner of tomato soup and mushroom risotto washed down with a crisp glass of white I was all ready to be wowed…and I was not disappointed! It was a unique and contemporary take on a classic, and definitely an evening to remember.

So on the 5th, my actual birthday, I spent the first half of the day gazing out over the whole of London from one of the best views in town at Sky Garden, Monument. Again, dressed up all fancy schmancy my friend and I made our way there, stopping off for some much needed Sushi (because when does anyone not need Sushi?) and rode the elevator 34 floors up. As the doors opened my already cheesy grin grew even cheesier as I peeked out at the city around me, surrounded by crystal clear views and luscious green plants we walked around before taking a seat and having tea in the worlds cutest take away cup.

Then after changing into something a little less ‘skyscraper’ in the train toilet, I headed back to Brighton to meet my folks and my gal Naomi for le Friends pub quiz. After some present opening (the birthday fairy bought me scrabble omg) and giggles we headed to the super funky Revolution on West Street to prepare ourselves for some hard-core question answering. It was actual Charlotte paradise. We took our seats surrounded by Friends themed decorations, Phoebes cup bunting, the colourful umbrellas, the apartment art and even a homemade Gladys painting. The show’s soundtrack was playing in the background and they had a cleverly devised food menu that fitted perfectly with the theme. As the questions came out thick and fast Naomi and I were on top form as my blissfully unaware parents sat in awe at our knowledge. With everyone else having 5/6/7 members to a team, Naomi and I were definitely the smallest but were not to be underestimated. We were on fire with the questions but unfortunately the organisers had incorporated other activities that meant the audience chose the winners for certain rounds! So not cool! And in the end we came 5th out of 13, just four and a half points behind the winners. Not bad for a power team of two though ay? I smiled sweetly to hide the pain and gritted my teeth to stop myself from throwing the biggest tantrum in history and throwing all the props at the organisers. No one suspected a thing, and although I was secretly dying inside I had the best night with some of my favourite people.

You know when people say to you ‘It’s your birthday! Do you feel any older?’ and you’re like ‘no older than I felt yesterday!’ I really DID feel so much older. 20 just sounds so much older than 19, so adult and mature. I was in the bath contemplating life and soaking my troubles away thinking oh God I remember being 12, watching Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Wild Child and thinking wow those girls are sooooo sorted out. I remember being in the car with my mum and after dropping my brother off at a party saying ‘Mum I want to go to parties, I want to meet boys etc’ and her completely shutting me down with a hilariously brutal ‘you haven’t even started your period yet, be quiet’. I remember thinking twenty was an age where you were really grown up, where you had your s*** together and you knew what you were doing. And it’s only when I arrived here, officially ‘in my twenties’, did I realise that although I live alone, have a well paid ‘adult’ job and get excited about the new stock delivery in Aldi, I will always be a big kid. Wearing cosy pjs, playing games with my family, giggling at being tickled and calling my parents when I’m ill, because that’s just who I am. And although your parents will always seem so much older to you, these stern, sensible figures who seem to have life all sussed out, they’re only humans who need love, comfort and fun just as much as we do. Twenty is plenty though, I don’t need to grow up anymore thanks- I’m fine right here where I am now, that’s great…. thanks.

What are some of your best birthday memories? I’d love to hear about them in the comment section! Feel free to follow my Instagram @charlotravel for more personal snaps of my adventures.

Anyway, enough from me!

Sleep well loves

C.J.R xox

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    Happy belated birthday 🙂
    I LOVE your dress/playsuit? 😍😍 x


    1. charlotravel says:

      Thank you so much sweet !! It’s from a little boutique in Henley, I was definitely the most overdressed one there but who cares…. that’s what birthdays are for right?! 😘 X


      1. Emily says:

        If you can’t dress up on your birthday then when can you?
        Looks like you had a great one 😇 xx


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