6 Reasons To Be Grateful

Good Evening Friends!

So it’s my last day in Rio, it has completely flown by but I’ve had the most wonderful time staying with my gal in her apartment quoting ‘The Parent Trap’, singing a capella and whipping up tasty dinners together. The tan lines are comical, the hair is sun bleached and I’m successfully topped up on stunning views of both mountain and sea. So yesterday after hiking up Pedra Bonita for one last look at Rio from above we sat for a while nibbling falafels and discussing future travel plans and after falling silent to listen to that blissful mountain silence I got to reminiscing on life and that- and I realised how much there is to be grateful for at the moment. I say at the moment because usually I’m super dramatic and I’m all life sucksssss but I’m currently embracing the positivity and love.

So here are a few things I’m currently thankful for at 1.30am on a humid Thursday morning…

1. Friends.
The program ofc but I’m talking GOOD friends, the types of friends who actually care about you, appreciate you for who you are and understand your wants and needs. Who compliment you and support you in all your weird and wonderful decisions and will be there to listen when you rant about nonsense at 2 in the morning. Who will watch silly memes with you and giggle at your double chin whilst encouraging you to pursue a sugar daddy. The types of friends who tag you in endless memes but who will also always be there for you when you want to talk about all things deep and uncomfortable. Who are always up for everything and anything and are willing to sell a kidney to accompany you on your next travels, the true love kinda friend. 

2. A floating support system
Being from a family of drifters means I’ve never had that childhood home, never had a permanent place to keep my things or my own bed to go back to should I decide to spontaneously pack in all the travelling. A lot of people will find this super unsettling and sometimes it can be a little daunting, however what life lacks in stability it makes up for in support. I have my three unmovable mountains, my soulmates, my fellow bandits, also known as my mum, dad and brother. Despite being apart for the majority of the time, I can always curl up in the cosy knowledge that wherever I am in the world, no matter how far away I am there are three people who love me for who I am, no matter what. And that love I feel will cross any ocean, travel through any weather, break any boundary and is, best of all, unconditional and everlasting. I am also extremely lucky to have the love of mini mountain range, my grandparents and my previous partner who will always be part of my strange and sporadic family.

3. My pins
I am super grateful for ma legs. As much as I poke them, slap them, complain about their shape and flabbiness and wish the gap between them was bigger, I am very thankful for their strength and stability. I am thankful that no matter where I am I can stand up and walk to or away from any situation or person I choose. That they can take the weight of my backpack, my dog or my drunk friend and they can carry us all to safety. That I can run (albeit with difficulty) along the sea front, walk up mountains, wade through water and feel the sand between my toes. I am very thankful for my current health both mental and physical and pray that it stays as strong as it has been over the past few weeks despite not treating either with proper care for the months beforehand.

4. Having 0 commitments
A regular on my ‘thankful’ list, I often like to remind myself how great it is that I am young and free from stressful ties. No children, no mortgage, no debt etc. I can pack a small bag and slip away in the middle night without leaving so much as a crumb if I wanted too, and I am extremely grateful for that choice, whether or not I choose to take it. I know a lot of people feel that they can’t just up and leave for whatever reason and probably wouldn’t want to given the choice, but for a massive commitment-phobe like me there is nothing more trapping than being forced to remain in a situation with no immediate way out, and nothing more freeing than having the means to leave immediately. Charlotte fun fact: The thought of being stuck in a comfortable, stagnant rut physically TERRIFIES me.

5. Hummus.
Because come on, who isn’t thankful for hummus every hour of the day because I sure know I am. Hmmmm——us

6. Expanding my mind
I LOVE to learn. Anything and everything from day to day knowledge to random facts that people will tell you are useless until you win The Chase and all your dreams come true. I will continue to devour every book that comes my way, cook every delicious recipe I find, watch every documentary Netflix has to offer. I am determined to find love in art and I will always open my ears to listen to the weird and crazy interests of others even if I think they aren’t to my taste. I will see the ballet, watch cricket, learn about Japanese history, learn the phonetic alphabet, see every movie IMDB recommends to me, read every classic, attend every sporting event I am invited to- even if it doesn’t appeal to me. Because you have no idea what you’re going to come across, what new opportunities will become available to you. Say YES to as much as you can and life will reward you for your braveness with gifts of intelligence, love and passion.

What are you currently thankful for?

Big yawns and hugs from me-

C.J.R xox

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